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Play This Way Program (Sponsored Service) – Trafigura/Puma Energy                                                                                                  Foundation

Scientifically designed program focused on providing infants and toddlers from 3 up to 35months, the full range of age appropriate movement experience which will not only further all aspects of development, but will also provide a springboard for all aspects of learning. It teaches all aspects of movement i.e. Stability, locomotion and manipulation according to age appropriate milestones and scientific norms. Children are actively assisted to develop sensory aspects i.e.

1. Auditory, visual and tactile

2. Language, socialization and communication

3. Learning of concepts/cognitive aspects

Neuro Development Therapy (Sponsored Service) – Trafigura/Puma Energy


Is a holistic and interdisciplinary clinical practice model informed by current and evolving research that emphasizes individualized therapeutic handling based on movement analysis for habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with neurological patho physiology.

This form of therapy will assist with movement abilities of the individual child and assist with their motor functioning. This would be the ability to roll, sit, crawl, etc progressing to the next level of development/movement.

Neuro Development Therapy
El-shammah Baby in hospital

Medical Aid (Sponsored) – National Lottery Commission

El-Shammah Home For Abandoned Babies was awarded a full year’s medical aid subscription for the babies in our care by the National Lottery Commission on  12 January 2018. This has brought much relief and peace of mind since some of the babies can become very ill, without much warning and now we can give the babies in our care the best private hospitalization should the need arise.


As part of improving our daily care at the Home, we have applied for funding for medical aid for all the babies in our care. This ensures that they will receive efficient help when hospitalization is needed.

Pre-Adoption Service  (Sponsored service) – Thusunani Foundation

The Sponsored service from the Pediatrician and their team of occupational and speech therapists provide assessments and reports to support the permanent placement of babies and young children. This may be through adoption, foster care or a return to their own or extended family.

For a child to be adopted in South Africa a medical assessment is required. For children at risk or whose development is not following age appropriate expectations an occupational therapy assessment is required too. The pre-adoption support therefore includes a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the assessment and report writing requirements by adoption laws in South Africa and Internationally.