Every Year Individuals, Groups, Families and Companies asks us how they can help on Mandela day or Mandela Month! This year we’ve created a list to indicate our list of needs and please feel free to schedule a site visit for the required item you want to help us with.


1.  Fill driveway pothole

2. Bathroom makeover – new accessories eg towel rails, decor, paint

3. Garage walls on the outside needs a colourful smarty like decoration

4. New gutters for outbuilding and main house

5.  Carport in the back yard – mainly to be used for storage area

6. Paint outside and inside the house

7. Solar Panels for Main House

8. Borehole equiped with solar pump and water storage tank

9. New aluminium window frames for the whole house

10. Security gate at the back

11. Balistrade for small staircase at the back

12.  Pick and Pay or Dischem Vouchers

13.  Hampers for staff

14. Repair Mercedes Vito Crewbus 115 airconditioner



El-Shammah Home