Thank You WACO Africa

A BIG Thank you to WACO Africa for the kind donation of baby goodies delivered by employees Tanya Jorge and Allison Simons.



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Welcome 2018

As we exchanged 2017 for a new, brighter more prosperous 2018 we think of all those who have partnered with us on our various projects. Thank you for spending time with our babies, gifting them with love and affection. To those who offered their finances, we thank you for helping us in attaining our administrative goals.

For those who wanted to get involved but never had the time or resources, there’s good news….It’s not too late…

The new year affords us a different opportunity – one that challenges us to look at how we will spend the empty days, weeks and months facing us in 2018.let’s do something beautiful and meaningful during 2018, something that we will look back on years from now and say “i had a hand in that”

“Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Theresa

Wish List

Dear Donor

Please find below the list of our requirements:

1. Pampers from newborn to sz 5 [We change 99 nappies per day]

2. Purity any sz any flavour

3. Fresh vegetables (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut,)

4. Fruit

5. Custard

6. Maize 10kg

7. Lactogen 1-3 [We use 2 tins of 1.8kg formula every 2 days]

8. Medicines – Panado syrup, Allergex syrup, Calpol Syrup, Lenovate and Persivate cream, Multipeol Cream, Nystacid cream, Adco Linctopen, Adco Flupain, Rinex syrup, Hyospasmol syrup, Prospan syrup, Brochleer Junior syrup,

9. Detergents – Washing powder, Handy Andy, Bleach, Sunlight Liquid, Fabric Softner, dustbin liners

10. Baby clothes from newborn to 18 months

11. Bum Cream

12. Baby Oil

13. Baby lotion

14. Epimax Junior

15. Bennets Cradle Cap Cream

16. Wet Wipes

17. White Towels

18. White Face clothes

19. Baby Soap

20. Sudocream


 Other Needs:


1.     Recreational Needs

1.1  Trampoline


2.    Administration Needs

2.1  A4 Laminating Pouches

2.2A4 Typek Paper

2.3Photocopy machine


3.    Adopt A Cot Sponsors

3.1  R 250.00 per month


4.    Back up Electricity

    6.1 Gas Stove

    6.2 Generator Maintenance

    6.3 Rechargeable lights x 5


7.  Medical Needs

    7.1 AED Defibrillator machine

    7.2. Ambu Bag

    7.3 First Aid Kit


8.  Staff Needs

8.1 Food Hampers x7

8.2 Uniforms x 6

9. Cash Donations

9.1 Monthly Cash donations towards our running costs (electricity, insurance, salaries, water and rates)

9.2 Once off cash donations


10. ECD Centre (New Project)


10.1 One 12m Refurbished Container or a brick building with 2 toilets for small children

Change for Good

2016 Has seen changes to the El-Shammah Home for Abandoned Babies’ (ESHAB) Advisory board. Bertha and Frikkie Spies, the founding members of the Home has resigned 1 September 2016 due to more pressing obligations. They felt that they have completed their portion of the race and wanted to hand the baton over to people with the same vision and zeal. They nominated Merencia and Allistair Scholtz onto the board to fill their positions as chair- and vice-chair person.

The property which the Home has been occupying since its inception was owned by Frikkie Spies, who wanted to sell the property but gave the Organisation first preference before advertising it on the open market. ESHAB was given 5 months to come up with the funds or risked moving by the end of February 2017.

Allistair and Merencia, now the new full time Management team were tasked with the awesome responsibility of raising eight hundred and fifty thousand (R850 000) plus transfer cost within five months.

The management team successfully marketed the home in the newspapers, social media, radio and television. The amount of visitors to the Home has quadrupled and has seen celebrities like Muthu Murugan, Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld get involved with our vision.

The Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels Team along with the celebrity siblings; corporate sponsors and individuals pledged to save the Property for El-Shammah Home by the end of April 2017. Bobby and Karlien Van Jaarsveld managed to secure Three Hundred Thousand Rand in pledges and this really warmed our hearts.

ESHAB has started a new program in January 2017, called Mommy’s in Distress, which aims to help single mothers with no financial support with a baby

hamper to the value of R2000.00 or more. These hampers are made up of pre-loved clothing and kind donations by the public.  To date we have helped four mommies and hope to do much more during the new financial year.

ESHAB has increased its assets with one SUV purchased on 25 February 2017 with funds secured by a generous donor, Afric Oil. The once off donation of Three hundred and fifty thousand came at a time when ESHAB’s finances were at a low point. This donation was not project specified by the donor and thus the balance was utilized towards the monthly budget, insurance and the purchasing of the property. This definitely eased the burden of transporting the babies to hospital appointments and doctor’s visits.

ESHAB has secured 1 small business (Martins Funerals) willing to donate financially towards our vision on a monthly basis and donate fresh vegetables for our babies weekly.